Africa Professionals Resource Mission


What we do


You can use your Sabbaticals to serve God's purpose. When it is God's purpose, He creates the platform. Those who are willing to step out with their professions will be satisfied.


Students' visa opportunities to the nations Students' ministry opportunities in the north Internship opportunities One year industrial training programs Youth service


Scholarship is available for both Degree and Masters programs in some countries like Tunisia and others around North Africa which can be turned into mission opportunities for men and women who have prepared their hearts to serve God's purpose in the nations of the world.


Many of us in the civil service can be part of this program to serve in some countries with our profession under government payment, yet it will be to fulfil a mission agenda. If we are properly guided, those who are guided to go through this process can prayerfully apply while you do some short-term training preparations towards effective ministry among a people in the market place.

Our Programs

Professional Missions Summits

Our desire is to multiply the efforts of professional mobilizations through a continued drive around the country and beyond with professional Mission Summit. One of our desires is to encourage both mission agencies exhibitions and African outreach opportunities.


Africa Missions Volunteers Services

Our long-term desire is to serve the mission agencies and Nigeria Mission Movements in terms of organizing volunteer service of professionals to different African countries from Nigeria, while we seek young professionals and others who can come to serve mission agencies with their profession in Nigeria. We hope to work with institutions and Christian universities even Seminaries who can partner with us to send professionals on a six-months or one-year practical services in African countries of specialized fields like Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, Education, Vetenary medicine, and Business etc.


Africa Missions Research Thrust

The Africa Missions Research Thrust is an initiative aimed at conducting research on various topics related to missions in Africa. The research provides insights and solutions to challenges faced by missionaries and Christian organizations. The organization partners with academic institutions and other research organizations to carry out this research.


Short-Term Missions Training of Professionals

The Short-Term Missions Training of Professionals is a training program designed to equip professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively serve in short-term missions. The program covers topics such as cross-cultural communication, ministry in a different context, and evangelism. The training provides an opportunity for professionals to use their skills in missions.


Anti-Corruption Campaign

The Anti-Corruption Campaign is a campaign aimed at fighting corruption in Africa. The campaign involves raising awareness on the negative effects of corruption, and advocating for integrity and accountability in all sectors of society. The organization partners with other


Reorientation of Young People

The Reorientation of Young People is a program aimed at reorienting young people towards a life of purpose and service to God. The program includes mentorship, discipleship, and leadership training. The goal is to help young people discover their God-given purpose and use their talents and abilities to serve God.


Youth Rallies

The Youth Rallies are gatherings of young people aimed at inspiring and empowering them to live for Christ. The rallies provide an opportunity for young people to worship, learn, and connect with other like-minded individuals. The rallies include music, teaching, and opportunities for fellowship and community building.


Prayer for the Nations Rallies

The Prayer for the Nations Rallies are gatherings of Christians who come together to pray for the nations of the world. The rallies provide an opportunity for intercession, worship, and fellowship. The goal is to pray for the nations of the world and seek God’s guidance and direction for how to serve Him in the world.